The Professional Year Program in Accounting is a great way to learn the ropes of the corporate world while gaining experience in an Australian workplace. The program offers students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field of study and develop essential business communication skills.

This  has been created for those who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification in accounting. The program is offered in three different fields – accounting, business information technology and financial management.

Additionally, participants are entitled to obtain 5 points that can be utilized when applying for PR positions overseas.

Professional Year Provider

Professional Year Provider in Australia

The Professional Year program is a 44-week curriculum that provides students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field of study and develop essential business communication skills.

The program also offers participants a 12-week internship placement within an organisation that has relevance to their program. This allows them to learn both Australian workplace culture and practices as well as developing expertise in relevant fields while gaining real world experience at the same time!

The Professional Year Program is an excellent way to advance your communication and practical knowledge in a local Australian workplace. It also entitles you to obtain 5 points that can be utilized when applying for PR positions overseas.

Those who have successfully concluded an undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification in accounting, computer science or engineering (or a related discipline) in Australia are eligible to take advantage of the Professional year-long program.

To qualify for the temporary skilled graduate visa (485), one must have completed a degree within the past six months. Furthermore, applicants must be at least fifty years old and possess adequate English language skills.

Candidates who have obtained an Engineering degree from an accredited institution overseas and successfully completed the ENGINEERING course are eligible to pursue the Professional Year Program. They need to submit an Expression of Interest in order to apply for a Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa (subclass 476).

The Professional Year program structure is a 44-52 week undertaking which grants learners the opportunity to delve deep into a particular field of study.

To be eligible for extra points, your professional year must have been completed in Australia during the previous four years and it must fall within one of the occupations specified on your visa application.

For IT graduates, the current migration assessment criteria of ACS (Australian Computer Society) stipulates that they must possess at least one year's worth of work experience or complete the PY course if they wish to be eligible for an in-principle assessment.

To obtain a further 5 Points toward their Approved Professional Year Program, applicants must complete the requisite 48-month duration of the 'Approved Professional Year' scheme within 48 months immediately prior to lodging an application with DIAC.

The Professional Year is an effective strategy for migration purposes, notably its utility in achieving 5 General Skilled Migration Points - provided points are accrued within four years of commencing the course.

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